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SEO – Valued Content Ranks Best

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Working with a client to improve their local website ranking for a popular product line. The product line was added to the site. All the guidelines for publishing product content was applied. The SEO ranking for the Product Keyword did not improve.

I suggested that we alter our SEO approach.

Rather than marketing the product. Why not, inform users on how to use the product?

What followed was a series of Educational Blogs and a new User Group Event. The first User Group event attracted  65 attendees. The second User Group event drew well over 150 attendees, along with local press coverage.  Both User Group Events were a huge success. During the events, everyone was asked to visit the website for featured App links and news on upcoming events.

Following the events, the real work began.
First of the Events were documented online, via blog posts, newsletters, and social networking status updates. The first blogs to be displayed included links to all the Apps featured during the User Group events. While most of the Apps featured were free to download, an affiliate commission was placed in the paid apps.

The photos from the event proved to be the most successful. Having posted the event shots to Facebook –  more than 50 attendees have used use a picture from the event as their personal Facebook profile shot (talk about local brand placement).

As a result: By the third day after the User Group Event. The regional ranking for the Product Line moved from ranking at #154 to ranking at #3 – a more a 151 positions in three days. Over time the domain went on to secure a #1 ranking for the product line.

In this case, the SEO impact happened when we stopped trying to sell the product online. It is easy to see that the online market was saturated when a local listing ranks on Google at #154.

The SEO improvement due to creating valued content that people could engage with. Visitors to the page had the interest to be there.

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