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SEO Guidelines – What Not To Do

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Google is clear on which web techniques to avoid. Providing advice on how site content is best generated. Avoid services that offer to create content automatically to improve your ranking. Stay clear of services that often to submit queries to Google.

Keep Your Page Clean

Do not include any malicious behavior on your page. Adding Malware on your website is a Google violation. Domains found with malware are the flag for all users. And may be blocked from search results. Many website owners are often unaware that their site content malicious code. WordPress website is often a target of Malware Attacks. Website owners should visit their websites often and observe manipulations that may be occurring. Including direction to click on a link, download a file, or respond to an unwanted pop-up ad. No Sneaky redirects in there – it’s not permitted.

Automated Content

Google keeps stirring website owners to create value added content. Google does not care for automatically generated content that is mainly a marketing tool. Creating pages that are high in Keyword placement, while lacking in content. For most business, this technique is easy to avoid.

However, one small element of the Automatically Generated Content that does affect most small business owners is Stitching.

STITCHING: To be a stitcher. One would have to first open Google. Search for subject keywords. Locate information from choice websites (perfect title, end of the sentence, little bits of stuff that other people wrote). The Stitcher might use Google Docs or if they have experience; will work directly with WordPress. Either way, the Stitcher real talent in witnessed in the master resort. Pasting line after line. To the perfect composition of nothing more valuable than what was already available.  Google is not saying that your can not surf the web collecting useful bits of information. Google’s request was to stop stealing content unless you can improve upon the content. Google asks that “add sufficient value” to duplicated content.

I may be the first to raise my hand as a hardcore stitcher. With 12 browser window tabs open, I can create great website content. For people like me. I now use stitching as my research foundation. I stitch my data into an outline. The outline is a tool to direct the development of the article.

What Google does support is how you add value to a topic. It is that simple. Stolen content will not improve the ranking of your website. Unique content of high-quality will increase value.

SCRAPER: To be a Scaper. You first have to be a lazy stitcher. You may also have the side habit of overly hitting the share button on Facebook. Either way. You are the most indolent of all the website content creators. For you to remain in Sacper status, you only post stolen content. You tend to love to use the embed feature. Embedding is one of your finer skills. You are the master of republishing the same content with revising a title, rewording a sentence, or include any unique viewpoint. Yes, go ahead and embed another random YouTube video, or Follow Us on Facebook badge (actually you haven’t used the Facebook embed tools.. they are quite impressive.)

The Value to Content

Make your content mean something. Granted, it may not mean a great deal to most people. But, when you reach your small target market, they will connect. In the early years of the internet, web designers would hide keyword heavy content on the internet page. The content font was either the same color as the website background or at such a small size that no one could see. However, the Search Engines would include the hidden content as ranking information. Hidden Content is something of a legend – I don’t quite recall a time when it did work, though there are stories that it might have worked. Keep the content real and to point. Don’t use irrelevant keywords on tags, links, or images. It is hard enough to tag web content correctly, why to make it more difficult. Make Keywords meaningful.

Make Good Recommendations

Google has come out and said that irrelevant website ads do not work. Google have even gone as far as to say that irrelevant marketing will reduce your overall website ranking. Make those ads count. Google’s solution is to use target ads. By now everyone has experienced target banner ads. Google thinks that having ads for products is better. Improve your ads even more – by personally selecting which affiliate to support. Adding a link to a tool from your website to another website is certainly something you can do. Including a personal review of why the tools are important to you is your value added content.

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