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SEO changes you can plan for

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SEO guideline changes for 2013

This summer SEO ranking will change. The biggest difference is that we have been told what to expect. In the past, an SEO upgrade would happen behind firmly shut doors. The impact of an upgrade can vary. Often the update process is unclear or mistook.

This time, Google shared the SEO upgrade plans before they took place. With the sound message, that spam is bad. Massive ad sites are on the out. And that Google remains firm with the notion that content is king.  All with a closing promise to reward key content by ranking better than spam.

SEO can help Google rank content higher

The success of the web does depend on access to good content. In 2011, Panda began to index nonspam data.  With the summer launch of Panda 2.0 expect more content hefty sites to rank higher. The brief on what makes good web content is fuzzy. What is without a doubt, ad-laden websites will rank lower than before.

For those that support their site with paid ads. Use related ads that support your writeup. Unrelated ads are deemed spam. Hidden ads are also seen as suspect. Paid ads should have a clear label.  Website guests should with ease discern between website items and paid ads.
Learn how to rank well online with SEO guidelines

SEO helps Google find subject masters

Are you the next Subject Master? The goal is to give a face to data. A subject master will rank for topics that they have a valuable online kinship to. It is not clear how paid, or unpaid traffic will differ in value. Or, how media driven traffic will measure up to user comments.

The idea is that each user search for content could esteem the author to be a Subject Master. An online trend would control the Subject Master rank, and could with ease become the most in-demand place of the season.

SEO join force with Blocker program

Malware just got easy to track and find. Google Web Master Tools members now receive an email notice for each malware concern found. Saving the webmaster from missing a malware notice in their Google WebMaster Tools account.

SEO Action Plan

  • Do not create spam
  • Do not support spam
  • Write only quality content
  • Only run ads that relate to article content (if at all)
  • Write meaningful content
  • Become a Google Subject Master
  • Rule the world.

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