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Asheville SEO Shoutout

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Thanks to Kinnear Design for the Asheville SEO shoutout.  It was a great pleasure to host the SEO class at Charlotte Street Computers.

SEO is so important to the success of a website.  SEO provides the website owner with a transparent framework to build their content on. Sure, there are website best practices guidelines that we all need to adhere to.

Successful SEO is more than ranking number 1.

Successful SEO is about providing your website visitors with quality content.

What is Quality Content?
Before the SmartPhone the concept of Quality Content was valued by the contents uniqueness or sought after pop culture content.

  • Uniqueness – the content has value due to it being new. The type of material can be varied, including reports,  interviews, exclusive footages of events in history. The point is the content is unique and can hold value on its merit.
  • Pop Culture – the mainstream media machine distributes content.  Content often has the backing to increase mainstream popularity and circulating rates.

With the easy access and small screens of the smartphone. Many users are now seeing content differently. Long page titles and run on sentences are seen as strenuous.

Successful SEO for the modern website should provide.

  • Content that is easy to grasp.
  • Content that is precise. 

Depending on your online target market – writing easy to understand content can be quite a difficult task. Write for your target market first – while present your reader with easy to follow sentences. With a large percent of end users accessing website content is now via the SmartPhone – shorter sentences simply read better, and easier for the eyes to track.

Making your content precise is key. Forget those two paragraph introduction about who you are, and what you do, and why you might use your method over other. No-one cares.

What people do care about. Having the information to their question right in front of them. And, I doubt that the readers query actually relates to the content found in the first two paragraphs of most blogs. And, lets say the query is about you – then sure “talk away” but that should be on your bio page – not the “I will help you – while skill dropping” blog.

So, what was I saying?
Oh! That is right.
Keep on point, be precise! 

Here are 5 easy to follow methods to ensure your website content is precise.

  1. 300 word minimum prior page.
  2. Keyword consideration.
  3. 8 words a sentence.
  4. High readability score.
  5. Quality or Sought after content.

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