Web Design Trends

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2017 Web Design Trends If you are waiting for 2017 to apply web design trends, you will be too late. Web Design Trends value diminishes with time. Mobile Optimisation Mobile users are here. Moreover, they want their content now. Mobile Optimisation is every … Continued

Earnest Keywords

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KEYWORDS The Importance of being Earnest The objective to bring people to your website is to complete a call-to-action. If the call-to-action is not met, the website objective has failed. Smart web designers create websites that encourage users to complete … Continued

Asheville SEO Shoutout

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Thanks to Kinnear Design for the Asheville SEO shoutout.  It was a great pleasure to host the SEO class at Charlotte Street Computers. SEO is so important to the success of a website.  SEO provides the website owner with a transparent … Continued

SEO Improve Ranking

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“Our primary goal is to serve users with high-quality, relevant information.” ~ Google Google wants to deliver quality unique content Content that is engaging and valuable. . Without quality content Google will quickly lose value. Content still rules for ranking. Like … Continued

SEO Cluster Results

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What are Cluster Results? Google cluster results in group search results. In 2008 Google patent was granted for Cluster Results. The new tech provided a more different search results. Before a domain was not limited. And could top rank multiple … Continued

SEO Guidelines – What Not To Do

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Google is clear on which web techniques to avoid. Providing advice on how site content is best generated. Avoid services that offer to create content automatically to improve your ranking. Stay clear of services that often to submit queries to Google. Keep … Continued

SEO changes you can plan for

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SEO guideline changes for 2013 This summer SEO ranking will change. The biggest difference is that we have been told what to expect. In the past, an SEO upgrade would happen behind firmly shut doors. The impact of an upgrade can vary. … Continued